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If your temperature is hard to control, then thinking about a ductless mini-split system potentially could be the answer to all your heating and cooling worries. For far too long, improving your house’s comfort depended on being able to install pricey HVAC vents throughout your property. Adding ducts throughout your home heightened the cost of installing central heating and cooling in your home, not to mention in some older properties it simply wasn’t feasible to run bulky duct work. Thanks to the invention of ductless mini-split AC systems, these concerns are a thing of the past. If you are looking to install a mini split ac system in the Holtsville, New York area, call 1.855.925.0760 now for a quote from local provider in Holtsville, NY.

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Mini-Split System Sales Growth Is Slowing

Some larger VRF-style commercial systems are still growing at higher rates, but their numbers in the U.S. remain small at only 28,000 units per year.

A bright small bright spot for the segment can be seen with accelerated growth in denser urban areas.

Though the mini split ac segment has posted impressive growth rates in the U.S. since 2005, the growth rates have been slowing recently and the largest ductless segment (small, single evaporator systems) have not grown at all since 2010. These sales remain stable at about 260,000 units per year, or only about 4% of total unitary AC shipments.

Mini Split AC System Types

Choosing a mini-split ac system is usually a smart choice, but you still need to decide what type of mini-split system is right for you In general, there are two common types of mini splits:

  • Single Zone
  • Multiple Zone

Single zone units cost less, but are generally only used to cool one area of a home. These are ideal for smaller spaces such as studio apartments.

However, multiple zone units are meant to cool multiple areas within a house. These also tend to be more expensive, as the capacity for these systems must be higher and more powerful.

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Where Can You Install Mini Splits?

The spot of your mini split AC system should be thought of before purchase. Fortunately , you can install your mini split AC system in a few different locations.

Mini splits can be attached to your ceiling or wall. High up on the wall is most common, but as time has evolved, more homeowners are disguising them in the ceiling. If you choose to install your mini split AC unit in the ceiling, you can have it suspended, recessed or concealed. As you might imagine, recessed or concealed units are very popular for smaller units. The less noise in the room, the bigger it will feel.

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