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Do Mini-Splits AC Systems Stay On All The Time?

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A ductless mini-split system works completely differently from the centralized heating ventilation air conditioning system. This difference confuses a lot of people. Many customers ask if they can run their mini-split 24/7 just as the HVAC. Is there something to worry about running mini-splits for a long time? How is mini-split different from a centralized heating ventilation air conditioner? And why one should go for mini-split and not HVAC? So, you will find the answer to these questions in this article.

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Let’s just begin with the most basic question which is, do mini-splits stay on all the time? Mini-splits are not made to work 24/7, but they often tend to work for a longer period of time. Mini-splits often contain multiple units that are placed in different rooms, unlike centralized air conditioners. So, a specific part of the mini-split can be turned off when no one is using that area of the house.

Mini-splits are designed to get maximum output in a short amount of time. They pay off their price by giving you comfort throughout the year.

Let’s dig deeper and look at how we can ensure the maximum performance throughout the lifespan of a mini-split by looking at few of the major questions.

How long should my mini-split be on?

Basically, mini-splits were designed to work in offices and meet the needs of office hours. But later on, with the popularity, their features were extended to work for an even longer period of time. But if you want to keep using your mini-split for a longer period while enjoying a great quality of air conditioning then we’ll recommend you to use your air conditioner for a maximum of sixteen hours, and then add a break of one to two hours. Even if you have to stay in your room for twenty-four hours, the room temperature won’t change in an hour to make you uncomfortable.

Why does it go on and off?

One big advantage of a mini-split is that it saves a lot of energy making it easier for you to pay your electricity bills. This is because, with advanced technology, many mini-split air conditioners use high-quality material to run smoothly and change the room temperature in no time. This is when we notice that our mini-split is running on high power and working to set the temperature. Once the required temperature is reached, you’ll notice that now the handler is quiet and it seems as it has turned itself off to save the electricity. This is because modern mini-splits use inverter technology to maintain temperature. Now that the temperature of the room is maintained, they work on low power mode while switching on and off they correct the rise and fall in room temperature. Low power mode also reduces the wear and tear of the mini-splits. In this way, the long life of air conditioner is also ensured.

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What if it seems to be running all the time?

Mini-splits maintains the temperature of the room by turning on and off to correct the temperature. It is because new air conditioners are designed to give the best while saving energy. But if you notice that your air conditioner keeps on running even when it has reached the set temperature or sometimes the air conditioners keep on running but cannot make the room temperature better than there is something wrong with it. There could be many reasons. Let’s take a look at few of them:

Dirt in air filter

It’s a leading cause of keeping your air conditioner running all the time because the dirt and the debris in the air filter can stop the airflow and can result in ceasing the performance of your system. Without the proper air supply, the air conditioner is unable to remove the humidity and set the temperature of the environment as required. As a result, it keeps running.

Faulty Thermostat

Actually, a thermostat is in charge of switching the air conditioner on and off. So, if you notice that your system is not switching off even when the temperature is reached, that is because air conditioner does not know whether the set temperature has reached or not without the help of thermostat. A pro tip to check whether you need to replace the thermostat or not is to check if the temperature is reaching the set value or not. Because if it is not reaching the set value of temperature then it will keep working to get it there.

Presence of leaks

Sometimes minor leaks are caused due to some unknown reasons and they can result in leaking away the refrigerant which is kept close in a system and is used in a cooling process. If such leaks are not taken care of, they can cause a serious damage to your air conditioner. It may result in early demise of the air conditioner.  

Dirty or blocked condenser

Just like the cleaning of air filter, cleaning of condenser is even more important as it is exposed to many different elements. It has more chances of getting blocked by the dirt in the air or even by the accumulation of leave by the wind or by the nests of birds. So, the coils of the outdoor unit should be taken more care. A good quality of professional products and tools are available for the cleaning purpose.

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Tips to operate your mini-split heat pump in a hot summer

To enhance your comfort during a summer season, follow these instructions and you will come back to thank us:

Let it run continuously

Now this is a great tip to take advantage of. When you let your system run continuously it does not have to work on high energy to set the temperature instead it goes on a low power mode after setting the temperature. Now if it will keep running on low power switching itself on and off from time to time to maintain the temperature.

Setting the fan to auto

Let the air conditioner decide on which speed a fan should run. With the new smart handlers, they can pick the speed of the fan automatically to provide you comfort while minimizing the consumption of energy.

Check for drainage

Air conditioners drain outside. When a house is cooled, condensation is built on the evaporator coils and draining starts. Keep checking the outdoor condenser if it is draining properly. Try reaching out to a heating and cooling professional if you observe that there is no draining of condensate water.

Tips to operate your mini-split heat pump in cold environment

And using an electric heater may seem a better option when compared to the fireplace but when we look at the energy consumption then surely, no one would prefer it. But mini-splits address those concerns. We no longer have to worry about cutting and bringing the woods and it also uses a little amount of electricity. Here are few tips to operate mini-splits to get the best out of them in winters:

Position of outdoor unit

If you reside in a part of the country where you have to deal with the extreme cold weather and snowfall for a longer portion of a year, then it is important for you to place the outdoor unit in such a place where it should not have to deal with the direct snowfall and extremely cold air blowing outside. As it may slower the process of heating for you and your sir conditioner will for a longer period of time to adjust the temperature.

Using the right size pipes

Choosing the right size of pipes for both, indoor and outdoor unit is very important not just for the cold environments instead this factor should be considered in general. The interior and exterior units need at least 15 feet of piping to make sure that noise could not be able to travel from the outer unit to the inside unit. And especially in winter when everything is silent, you definitely don’t want to be disturbed by the noise of the mini-split. But it should be kept in mind that too much length of pipes will lower the efficiency. So, it is better to ask for an expert opinion on the length of tubes.

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