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Mr Cool Mini Split Review

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Mr Cool Mini Split Review

Mr Cool is best known for offering top quality, ductless mini-split air conditions. The company produces a range of products that are just perfect for home environments & cooling areas. If you think about the price, Mr Cool is what you need, when you are on a tight budget and cannot afford to spend a lot of money.

One of the biggest selling points of Mr Cool is its DIY options. This means it is easy to install and if you do not want to spend on professional installation, you do not have to. Homeowners can now easily install this system themselves. They do not have to pay for professional HVAC installation.

Users should remember that Mr Cool DIY Series heat pump is the only system that is available in the market that is designed for amateur installation. Learn more about who makes Mr. Cool Mini Splits Here.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ll provide in this Mr Cool Mini Split Review:

  • We start with the top features and benefits of using the product; Users are definitely going to find this section useful as it will help in their purchase decision.
  • Then we will talk about some drawbacks
  • Next, we will let you know about Mr Cool Company
  • Lastly, you will see some real customer reviews & some independent reviews which will help you to know more about this product.

So, let’s get started!

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Special Features (Pros) of Mr Cool Mini Split

  • Seer Rating – Energy EfficiencyWhen we talk about energy efficiency, the high SEER air conditioners perform a lot better than the low SEER units. All products from Mr Cool are available with excellent SEER rating. This means that all these units are extremely efficient.
  • DIY Installation – There are two air conditioners offered by Mr Cool which are designed for DIY installation. This includes the 2nd generation Enhanced DIY and the 3rd generation Energy start DIY. These units are available with easy self-install manual.
  • Maintenance – In case of maintenance, users may not have to get in touch with professionals. Most of the maintenance can be done by the homeowners. The system is available with user’s manual which includes all information related to the system. This include how to clean the unit, about replacing the unit, how to clean the air filter & a lot more.
  • Condenser Fan Options – All DIY models are available with Gold fin condenser. This means that they can fight wear and corrosion. These are designed to last a long time and may usually last for as many as ten years.
  • Warranty Options – Mr Cool Mini split is offered with several warranty options. The company promises to replace all units for 10 years which are registered and it will replace the units which are not registered for at least 5 years.

These were some of the many benefits of Mr Cool Mini Split, though there are many more benefits of the system.

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Drawbacks (Cons) for Mr Cool Mini Split

  • Many users have mentioned that the app is a bit difficult to use
  • It might not be the best choice for small spaces

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About Mr Cool Company

Mr Cool is a popular brand, best known for manufacturing ductless mini-split air conditioners. The company offers a large number of products for home and other cooling areas. The air conditioner hit a huge demand with their 12000 BTU ductless heat pump. The air conditioner is known for its excellent cooling efficiency rating. This is a big money-saver in summers as it provides low-cost and high performance in all seasons.

Mr Cool Reviews

Independent Reviews and Recommendations for Mr Cool Mini Split

According to this review site Mr Cool is just the perfect air conditioner for those who have innovation in mind. The review mentions that one of the selling points of this air conditioner is its easy to install process. The best part is that the unit can be easily installed by homeowners. Another beneficial property is that the units are ENERGY Star certified that means it meets all environmental energy standards. Read More:


As per this review site Mr Cool Mini Split is much in demand because it costs a lot less when you compare it to the usual HVAC systems. These are quite popular among the DIY crowd as there is no requirement to get in touch with an HVAC company. The site mentions that this is the friendliest mini split for all DIY installs. Read More:

What Amazon Customers Have to Say About Mr Cool Mini Split

Mr Cool Mini Split is quite a popular product on Amazon with several reviews from buyers who recommend it.

One verified buyer mentions that it ‘works great’. He is pleased with the performance of the Mini Split as it has been in use for more than 400 hours and it is still working quite flawlessly. He mentions that the product has some great features and he would be happy, if more features are added to the system. He goes on to mention that users shouldn’t try installing it on their own because he believes it is a two-person job. Though watching a few YouTube videos is helpful, but to ensure safety of the individual and the product, it is recommended to get it installed by professionals only.

There is another great review on Amazon from a user, who comes back to update his review on Mr Cool Mini Split. He mentions that he is using the product for almost 8 months now and he is still quite pleased by the way it is working. He mentions that he found the installation was easy and he didn’t have any trouble using the system over the months.

Another verified purchaser mentions that the unit ‘works great, I love it’.

That is not, there are several reviews on Mr Cool mini split and how it is working just perfectly for the users.

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Mr Cool mini-split system is just perfect for small size homes or those who are on a tight budget. Users who are currently using a portable AC or a window AC and planning to upgrade their system and have a new one, they can install Mr Cool. One of the many advantages of Mr Cool is that it does not require professional installation. However, the benefits & savings are a lot more than installing the system.