Who Makes Senville Mini-Split?

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Who Makes Senville Mini-Split?

Senville is engaged in the making of Mini Split since the year 2005. The brand is making headlines for its top-quality products and its high customer satisfaction ratings. Offering a wide range of products in the home comfort solutions category, Senville products are in great demand. In this article, we discuss their most popular Mini-Split, its features, and other products offered by Senville.

So, Who makes Senville Mini Split? Senville is the manufacturer of Mini-Split air conditioning units. It is one of the leading North American manufacturers based in Canada. The company offers various home comfort solutions which include the popular ductless split systems which are commonly known as Mini Split.

Keep reading to know in detail about the features of Senville Mini Split, its different advantages, why people choose Senville, and other products offered by the brand.

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Senville – A Reputed Name

Senville started as a small start-up and was founded in 2001. Over the years, the company grew up to be one of the most reliable companies, garnering customer support all along. The company offers a wide range of products which are known for their technology, reliability, and durability. The products are high-quality, durable and available at affordable prices.

Top Features of Senville Mini Split

Senville Mini Split is a ductless mini split air conditioner that is popular for its several interesting features.

  • 20 SEER – ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED – This special inverter technology that helps users to save at least 50 % of energy-related expenses in a year.
  • Arctic Heat Pump – This air conditioner is just perfect for cold climates or where the temperature is extremely low. It is available with an artic heat pump.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled – This adds to the convenience of using the unit as most homes have Wi-Fi already on their premises.
  • Whisper Technology – Users do not have to worry about additional noises and sounds when using mini split. The unit does not make disturbing sounds.
  • AntiMicrobial – It is available with a Silver ion filter which is anti-microbial. This is a plus on health and safety.
  • Vertical Swing Function – It will ensure that the cool air flows in all directions in the room.
  • Refrigerant leak detection – If there is a leakage, it will detect immediately.
  • Built-in De-humidification – Users may not worry about humification related issues.
  • Self-Cleaning Mode – Senville Mini Split is available with a self-cleaning mode.

These were some of the top features about the Mini Split. There is a lot more on offer.

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Energy Star Certification of Senville Mini Split

What does this mean?

Energy Star certification means that this might be one of the most efficient mini split air conditioners & heat pumps. Thus, users might be able to save more than 50 % of their energy costs in a year. This model might be just perfect for anyone who is looking forward to heating their business establishment or home as costs are minimized.

Advantages of Owning Senville Mini Split

There are many benefits of owning a Senville Mini Split. Some of these are:

  • They might help in low power consumption as they come with a high SEER rating. These air conditioning units are known for their energy efficiency.
  • These units are inexpensive. They are suitable for almost all types of budgets. Users can choose between different varieties and series.
  • The units come with a warranty.
  • These units are known to require little maintenance and care. Thus, users are saved from the hassles of regular upkeep and maintenance.
  • These systems are quite dependable and effective.

Why Would You Buy Senville Mini Split System?

Users who plan to buy a mini split system from Senville can consider the following, when they think about purchasing a Mini Split.

Brand Reliability

Senville as a brand has an immense reputation for building & maintaining mini split AC. The company, being one of the leading AC manufacturers, ensures that each purchase made by a customer is acceptable and doesn’t cause any kind of disturbance in its functioning.

As the Mini Split is installed in your property, you are assured that it will keep you cool even when the days are hot and might be unbearable. Users will be comfortable as the AC functions with good heating abilities. As a brand, Senville is relied upon by most customers and this is one of the main reasons for an increase in demand for the products offered by the company.

Efficient Heating & Cooling

The units offered by Senville are quite efficient in cooling a space. These Mini split units are available in many models and sizes. Thus, users will find a product that matches their square footage which requires heating or cooling. When you are purchasing a Senville split unit, you need to find one which exceeds the square foot recommendation.

When you select a system, which is of the right size, it will be more efficient. The units that are available with high SEER ratings are quite economical. These are effectual units.

Running Costs

The average running costs of the units will not cost you a lot of money. These units come with SEER ratings that means they will not consume a lot of energy to operate. Overall, using the AC units by Senville, might not increase your energy bills enormously in the long-run.

Cost of Repairs and Maintenance

All products by Senville are generally available with a warranty. During this period, the company may replace certain faulty parts, depending on various circumstances. Once the warranty period is over, the user might have to purchase the

Senville Mini Split units are a complete value for money. The prices at which the products are available are quite competitive. The systems are designed in a way to last for long periods. They will help in lowering additional cost

Questions Related to Who Makes Senville Mini Split

·      How is Senville as a brand?

Senville is a popular brand known for its high-quality products. It is one of the trusted companies in the home solutions category.

·      What are some of the Senville Ductless Split AC Systems available?

Some popular types of Senville Ductless Split AC systems include:

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·      How Long can the Senville Mini Split AC last?

The Senville Mini Split AC is available with a warranty, that generally depends on the type of product you choose. If users take proper care and maintenance of the AC, it might extend the life of the AC and beyond the warranty period.

·      Is the Senville Mini Split AC energy efficient?

Yes, these units are known for their high energy efficiency ratings.

·      What happens if the system encounters problems during operation?

In most instances, the problems in a Mini Split AC are self-healing. The problems are generally temporary, and the unit can correct itself. In case it doesn’t happen, you can get in touch with the professionals for a thorough inspection of the system and to get the problem fixed professionally.

·      Where can I buy the Senville Mini Split?

You can buy it through Amazon, though Senville has its own website as well. Buying from Amazon can be convenient for you and will save you time and money. If you are lucky, you might get some of the best deals with easy shipping options.

Go ahead and choose Senville Mini Split, if you need top-quality home solutions.