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Gree Mini Split Review: Features, Pros/Cons, & Model Options

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Gree Mini Split Review

Several HVAC companies are offering a wide range of mini split AC. Choice becomes difficult as all systems promise a gamut of features, energy efficiency, and great performance. If you are thinking about installing a mini split, we can help you. We aim to review Gree mini split AC. We will consider several facts that will help your decision-making process.

We often hear people asking questions like – manufactures Gree Mini Split?

Gree Electric Appliances is a Chinese appliance manufacturer which has its headquarters in Zhuhai. Gree group is the largest residential air-conditioner manufacturer in the world. The company provides two kinds of air conditioners – these include household air conditioners & commercial air conditioners.

Here’s a rundown of what we’ll provide in this Gree Mini Split Review

  • We start by talking about the main features and benefits of Gree Mini Split.
  • Next, we discuss some special features of Gree Mini Split
  • We mention a little about the company.
  • Lastly, you get to read about reviews and top recommendations by review sites and Amazon users.

So, lets move ahead and find out more about the product!

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Features and Benefits of Gree Mini Split

  • A Top-Quality Product from Gree – This is an ultra-high-efficiency smart system. This is a powerful system that can ensure that any room is comfortable without sacrificing aesthetics.
  • Energy Efficient – This system is available with an energy efficiency rating of 38 SEER. It offers ULTRA heating technology which means it can keep your home warm even when the temperature is quite cold outside.
  • Heating and Cooling Abilities – Gree mini split systems are known for their effective heating and cooling abilities. The area you need to cool or heat is important when you are selecting a system.
  • Quiet – The system will not cause any disturbance with loud noises or sounds, which is a big problem with many systems. Thus, when you are asleep with the system ON, you do not have to worry about being disturbed with sudden noises.
  • Universal Wi-Fi – The system uses WiFi technology which means users have direct control from their smartphone with the help of Gree+ App. Along with its great efficiency and amazing technology, this is the ideal choice for any office or home space.
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Special Features (Pros) of Gree Mini Split

  • Warranty Available – Gree models are available with a 10-year warranty. This is effective, as long as you are staying in the same house where you purchased it. Besides, warranty is available only when you have it installed by Gree Professional. In case, if you have installed it yourself, you will lose 5 years warranty. It also needs to be noted that wireless control options and remote come with a 90-days warranty.
  • Value for Money – Gree split systems will provide you complete value for money. These systems are designed to run quite efficiently. They help the user to save a lot of money as they last more than 10 years. It is important to take good care of the system.

These were some of the special features available.

Drawbacks (Cons) for Gree Mini Split

  • Replacement and Warranty Service – For replacement of any parts, users have to get in touch with the authorized dealer within the warranty period. Gree relies mainly on vetted vendors for this job. However, all replacement parts are easily available on Amazon.

Users who have purchased the Gree Mini split are quite happy with the product. This is evident from the many reviews we come across on Amazon and other sites.

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How is the Installation Process of Gree Mini Split

Gree Mini split systems should be ideally installed by licensed professionals. It is safer to get the installation done by professionals, as they are trained to carry out the installation. Besides, those who choose to do the installation themselves, will actually be cutting out their warranty time. This means you will not get the full warranty.

Those who wish to carry out the installation should have the working knowledge of installation. One needs to have knowledge of 220v electrical system. Besides, it is important to know the piping, refrigerant and wiring. Besides, you will need some tools for getting the job done.

The installation process is not complicated. However, it is time-consuming. Two people are required to carry out the installation.


About Gree Group

Founded in 1989, the Gree group has grown a lot over the next few years. The rising popularity of the company is due to its wonderful mix of quality, great energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. In present times, Gree is the leading manufacturers of residential AC systems. They are best known for their heat pumps and their mini-split air conditioners.

Gree Mini Split Reviews

Gree Mini Splits have good sales records, especially on Amazon. Let us glance through some reviews about the product, recommendations from some review sites and buyers.

Independent Reviews and Recommendations


This review site recommends the products and mentions that it is certainly a great buy. The site mentions that Gree has a complete lineup of various mini split systems. These systems include some of the basic efficiency ones to those which perform better. The site mentions that all units offered by Gree are heat pumps. The systems provide heating as well as air conditioning.

Here is a comparison table by Pickhvac, which helps in comparing different models.

Target EfficiencyModel/SeriesSEERHSPFIndoor Unit SizesRoom sq. ft.                                    Zones
Single Zone Systems
HighestSapphire38159-24 MBH350-1,0001
Crown, Crown+30.510.59-18 MBH350-7501
Terra27109-24 MBH350-10001
Mid-rangeVireo/Vireo+2310.59-36 MBH350-1,5001
Neo229.89-36 MBH350-1,5001
U-Match201018-48 MBH750-1,7501
BasicLivo/Livo+1699-36 MBH350-1,5001
Rio168.69-24 MBH350-1,0001
Multiple Zone Systems
Mid-rangeMulti 21/21+221018-42 MBH750-1,6255
BasicMulti/Super+ Multi16948-60 MBH1,750-2,000+9
Review Table From

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What Customers Have to Say About Gree Mini Split

Gree Mini Split has several interesting & positive reviews from customers, who are using the system and are quite happy with it. Let’s check a few of these reviews:

A verified purchaser says that he bought the AC two years back and it is working just fine. It is reliable and energy efficiency. He happily recommends it to other buyers and says ‘no problems here’.

Another user mentions that this is a great AC which doesn’t make much noise. It is certainly one of the most efficient AC’s available today.

These were just a few reviews – there are several more reviews available from happy customers.

Bottom Line

Gree systems are well designed and made for homeowners who need long-lasting systems that are reliable as well. If you are wondering what is the best place to purchase the Gree Mini Split, you should try Amazon. If you wish to save money or if you are on a strict budget, you need to check Amazon, as it has the lowest prices.

GREE Model Options

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