Who makes Bryant mini split systems?

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Who makes Bryant mini-split systems?

Looking for a ductless mini split system but not sure which brand you should pick? You’re not alone. With so many brands to choose from, buyers often find it to pick the right one. One name that you should definitely add to your list is Bryant. It is one of the most trusted names in the cooling and heating world. It offers both single and multi-units mini splits, all of which are powerful, durable, and, of course, energy efficient.

So, who makes Bryant mini split systems? Carrier owns the Bryant brand. And since all Carrier mini splits are built in partnership with Toshiba, Bryant mini splits are also designed in partnership with Toshiba. Some of the components used in Bryant mini splits are designed in the US while others are built in Mexico and other countries. Bryant’s lineup is almost identical to Carrier’s.

Keep on reading to learn about the main features of Bryant mini splits, their energy-saving capabilities, and more.

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Top Features of Bryant Mini Split

Here are some of the main features of Bryant mini splits:

  • Zones: Bryant offers both single zone and multi zone mini split systems. Whether you want to cool and heat one room or your entire home, Bryant may be a good choice. In addition, all indoor units can be installed near the floor, high on the wall, or in the ceiling.
  • High efficiency: When it comes to being energy efficient, Bryant ticks all the boxes. Its top series — Evolution — can go up to 42 SEER, which is better than what most top brands offer. To put things into perspective, experts believe 20 SEER rating is high and can cut down energy usage by at least 30% compared to non-rated air conditioner. With Evolution series going up to 42 SEER, you can easily lower your energy usage by a whopping 60% or more by installing one of them.
  • Solid warranty: While all brands back their products by a warranty, Bryant offers a longer warranty period than many brands. A 5-year warranty on the compressor and parts is the standard. Bryant’s warranty is twice longer than that. All Bryant mini splits come with an impressive 10-year warranty on both the compressor and parts. However, keep in mind that you must register your product within 90 days after the purchase.
  • Quiet operation: All Bryant mini split units run on inverter-driven compressors designed for low-decibel performance. So, how quiet these units are? In layman’s terms, they are no louder than a whisper. Chances are you are not likely to even notice them running.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi: This is a nice addition in the Evolution series, which allows you to control your air-con from anywhere.
  • Relative Humidity Sensor: Bryant mini splits not only cool and heat but they also ensure your home is never too humid, which, besides being an inconvenience, can foster mold and mildew growth. Thankfully, when you install a Bryant mini split, you will never have to worry about high humidity and health problems associated with it. These units have a built-in humidity sensor that helps remove excess moisture in an indoor space.
  • Sleep Mode: The sleep mode helps save energy while you sleep. Once you select this option, it automatically increases the temperature gradually up a certain limit while you sleep. Since our bodies don’t notice a small uptick in temperature during the sleep, your comfort is not compromised in any way.
  • Auto-restart Function: After a power failure, the Bryant mini split auto starts itself.
  • Refrigerant Leakage Detection: The refrigerant is a vital cog in the wheel of a mini split. If its level is low, your air-con will not cool properly. Worse, it may develop all sorts of issues that can be expensive to fix. Bryant mini splits alert you whenever they are low on the refrigerant, so you can have it refilled and avoid serious issues. Nice, eh?
  • Anti-corrosive Fin Coating: This coating protects the condenser from rusting, making it less prone to wear and improving its lifespan.

Apart from these, Bryant mini splits offer many useful features.

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Energy Star Certification of Bryant Mini Split

What does this mean?

SEER rating provides a fair idea about an air conditioning unit’s energy efficiency. The higher the rating, the less energy the unit uses. Bryant offers three series of mini splits: Evolution, Preferred, and Legacy. The Evolution series includes some of its best models and can go up to 42 SEER, which is mighty impressive. You will not find many mini split units with a better rating than this. The Preferred series, in contrast, goes up to 25 SEER, which is pretty good. In fact, a SEER rating of 20 or more is considered high by most experts. The Legacy series offers up to 19 SEER. Considering that it has low-priced models, that’s not shabby at all.

Advantages of Owning a Bryant Mini Split

Some of the main advantages of buying a Bryant mini split are as follows:

  • Thanks to high SEER ratings, Bryant mini splits can keep your energy costs low. If this is a top priority, consider its Evolution series, which goes up to 42 SEER.
  • Bryant uses inverter compressor and as such offers quiet operation and powerful cooling and heating.
  • Bryant offers a full range of mini split systems. In other words, you can easily find a model that best matches your needs, budget, and personal preferences.
  • Some of the Bryant models include Wi-Fi so that you can control your unit from anywhere.
  • Bryant offers 10-year warranty on its mini splits upon timely registration. This is more than what many other brands offer.
  • All Bryant models are made from durable and quality materials. As such, its mini splits have a long life span. With proper care, they can easily last up to 20 years

Why Would You Want to Buy Bryant Mini Split Systems?

Solid Brand Name

The Bryant brand is owned by Carrier, which is a world-famous brand. In fact, Bryant has pretty much the same product line as Carrier. If you are looking for a trusted brand with high-quality, efficient mini splits, Bryant might just be the one for you.

Impressive SEER Rating

Most Bryant models have a SEER rating of 20 and thereabouts, which is pretty good. That said, it is its Evolution series that really shines. Some models in this series boast a SEER rating of 42, which is pretty much as good as it comes.

Heating Functionality

Bryant mini split systems can also function as heat pump systems. Each of its mini split unit has solid heating capabilities.

Longer warranty period

All Bryant mini splits are backed by an impressive warranty of 10 years on both the compressor and parts, as long as you register your product within 90 days of its purchase.

Quiet operation

All of the Bryant models are as quiet as a whisper.

Built in Wi-Fi

Many Bryant models come with a built-in Wi-Fi. This means you can control them from anywhere in the house.

Refrigerant Leakage Detection

Many a problem can occur if there is a refrigerant leakage. Not only your mini split will not cool properly but it can also break down, costing you hundreds of dollars in repair. However, with a Bryant mini split, you can easily avoid such problems. The unit comes with a refrigerant leakage detection feature, which alerts you the moment the refrigerant level falls below a certain threshold so that you can get it refilled and enjoy efficient cooling and heating.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bryant mini splits?

Is Bryant good for mini splits?

Yes, sure. The Bryant brand is owned by Carrier, which needs no introduction. All Bryant models are produced by Carrier with partnership with Toshiba, which is also a very reputable name in the HVAC industry. Bryant mini splits are energy-efficient, durable, and powerful.

How long do Bryant mini splits last?

Bryant mini splits are very durable and can easily last up to 20 years. With that said, more than one factor influences a mini split’s longevity. It is important you pick a unit that is appropriate for your room size, ensure it is properly installed, and get it serviced on a regular basis (once or twice a year).

Are Bryant mini splits quiet?

Bryant mini splits are designed for quieter operation. These units function at a decibel level similar to whisper. So, you can rest assured they will not come in your way while you work, sleep, or watch TV.

Is Bryant a good heat pump?

Bryant produces energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly heat pumps. You can use its mini splits for both cooling and heating.

From where you can buy Bryant mini split?

You can buy Bryant mini splits from the company’s website or one of their local dealers near you.