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How To Wire A Mini-Split AC System? Guide

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How to Wire A Mini Split System?

Mini splits are now quite a popular choice for cooling and heating homes or business units. These are known for their efficiency and energy-saving capabilities. Those who plan to purchase a mini split are recommended to get in touch with a professional for installation and wiring the system. In this article, we will discuss wiring a mini split system, why professionals are recommended, and how to ensure that the system works at its best capacity.

So, How to wire a mini-split system?. To wire a mini-split system, it is recommended to take help from a ductless expert. The professional has the required knowledge, training, skills, and experience in the intricated wiring & setup. Getting it done by professionals will ensure that the mini-split performs its best and at its optimum capacity.

Keep reading to know more about the types of wiring a mini split needs, how professionals can help, safety measures, and more about installation of a mini split in your home or business unit.

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Installation of Mini Splits and Setting Up of Electrical Panel

When compared to a central heating and cooling system, the installation of mini splits is easier and quicker. However, remember that they are not like a window AC where the user can simply plug in to get it started after proper installation.

Mini splits have their own electrical line. This line connects to the electrical panel of the property. There is a lot which needs to be connected and at the right places, ensuring all compliance to all safety standards.

Thus, it is recommended to get in touch with expert technicians who have the knowhow and can set up the wiring properly and ensuring optimum performance of the system. Thus, you are assured that there is no danger or health hazard as you set up the system.

Wiring of Mini Splits – Role of Wire Gauges

For a mini split, there is separate kind of wire gauge that has a specific thickness. The wire used should be high-quality besides being of the right gauge. If proper wiring is not used, it can be extremely dangerous and compromise safety.

The connecting cables used should be UL-listed. These are generally evaluated for sun exposure. If any wire is UL-listed, it implies that it has cleared the relevant safety tests. This can be ensured by an expert technician only. The professional can help in checking if the electrical wiring is of the right quality and if it meets specific requirements.

Wires are usually available in various sizes. These can be 2,6, 8, 10, 14- and 16-gauge wire. The thickness determines the amount of current which can pass through the current. The lower the gauge, the thicker it is. It is also an indication that it can handle more current.

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Wiring of Mini Splits –  Role of a Connecting Cable

The connecting cable plays a major role in the wiring of a mini split system. This connecting cable is also known as a four-conductor cable. This is a special wire that connects the indoor & outdoor unit.

The main function of the connecting cable is to supply power. It also carries information between the various components of the mini split. The systems generally use 14 AWG 4-conductor stranded cable. This generally runs through one conduit so that it complies with the local codes.

Wiring Process – How a Professional Wires the System

Once the wiring is assembled, the mini split is then connected. Remember that it might seem a lot easy to wire a mini split, but in reality, it is not. A licensed contractor has excellent electrical knowledge and know the process of connecting a system. Thus, it is recommended to get the wiring done only by experts.

  1. Installation of The Disconnect Box

Keeping in mind the safety factors, a disconnect box installation is needed. It is generally installed right beside the unit. The technician checks if the right voltage is met. This is generally dependent on the system which a user has.

The hot leads are generally wired to fused connections present in the box and the ground. Once this is done, the faceplate is attached and the switch for ON/OFF is inserted. This process is quite intricate and should be done by professionals only.

  • Attaching the Wire Whip

The professional then runs an electrical whip from this disconnect box. What is this electrical whip? It is an outdoor grade wire which helps to meet the code while keeping the process quite simple.

  • Connecting the Wires to Ductless Heat Pump

The electrical wires are then attached to the mini split. This is done as per the specifications of the unit and the professional is well aware about the connections. The details of such a connection are generally dependent on the make of the mini split and its model. When experts handle this, they can easily work on any type of mini split. They face no problems in establishing a connection of the electrical wires.

  • Connecting Indoor and Outdoor Units with Wires

The connections depend on the space you have – whether you have a multi-zone unit or a single zone unit. The professional ensures that each unit in the multi-zone unit gets connected to the same unit that the line set is wired to. This connection is quite vital or the mini split does not function properly, in case it is not well executed.

  • Connection of Wires in Ductless Indoor Air Handler

Just as in the case of the outdoor unit, it is necessary that all connections of the indoor unit are in the right order. The ground wire & the three additional wires are connected to the right terminal. There are many manufacturers that require using crimp-style terminals. It ensures that the specific connection is quite secure.

When a professional is hired, there can be a proper assessment which ensures that the installation process is done properly.

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Questions Related to Wiring of a Mini Split

  • What type of wire is needed in a mini split?

In a mini split, there is a requirement for 14-gauge stranded wire. Users can purchase a mini split wire which is 50 feet & 250 ft rolls.

  • Does a mini split have a dedicated circuit?

Yes, generally all mini split units will require one dedicated circuit. It will help in supplying power to a system. There is also a disconnect box which is usually installed close to the outdoor unit. Thus, the technician can shut the power off if needed while repairing the unit.

  • What will I do if there is a connection problem in the mini split?

If there is any electric problem, you should ideally shut it off and get in touch with professionals. Do not take the risk of checking the connection yourself because it can be quite risky and hazardous for you.

If you are looking for a quick installation, it is recommended to get in touch with a licensed professional. Licensed professionals have experience in the electrical wiring of such a mini-split and might ensure that the mini-split is well connected. Thus, you can confirm that the mini-split works with optimum efficiency and quite effectively.