Comfort-Aire Mini-Split Troubleshooting Guide

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Comfort-Aire Mini Split troubleshooting guide

Mini-splits can be an ideal solution for cooling and heating your home. They are not only far more energy-efficient than window units but also create zoned comfort. While there are many brands in the market, Comfort-Aire mini-split units have been around for years and are very popular with users. Affordably priced and energy-efficient, Comfort-Aire mini-split units last a long time.

However, like any other electrical appliance, they may develop an issue once in a while.

In this post, we will discuss some of the common issues with Comfort-Aire mini-split units and their solutions.

How to Resolve the Error Code E1?

The error code E1 pertains to the air filter. In most cases, it is a reminder that your air filter needs cleaning. Once you have cleaned it, perform the steps below to reset it.

  1. Switch off your Comfort-Aire mini split unit by pressing the “power” button
  2. Now unplug your unit from your wall socket
  3. Holding the “power” button on your front panel, plug in the mini split air conditioning unit. You must continue holding the power button as your air conditioner performs a small test sequence. As soon as the test sequence ends, you will hear a short “beep” sound. This is the cue for you to release your power button
  4. Now unplug the unit again
  5. Plug it back once more

That’s it. Now when you use the air conditioner you should not get the E1 error code.

If this solution doesn’t work, we recommend you give the following steps a try. Many users were able to fix this error through the following method.

  1. Unplug the mini split AC for about 5 seconds
  2. Plug it back and hold the power button till you hear a beep
  3. Pull out the power plug and reconnect it
  4. Press the “Mode” button while the unit starts. Don’t let go of the “Mode” button till there is a beep sound and the unit starts operating
  5. Release the “Mode” button and press the Power button on your front panel to turn the air conditioner off
  6. Press the Power button to turn on the unit

If neither of the two solutions works, you should contact a local AC repair expert to resolve the problem.

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How to Troubleshoot the Comfort-Aire Mini-Split Unit Is Not Starting Issue?

If your air conditioning system doesn’t start or operate, first try to find out the underlying issue as this problem can occur because of different reasons. What troubleshooting steps you will need to follow depends on what is causing the issue in the first place.

We have listed some of the common causes for this issue and their solutions. Have a look.

Power failure – First, check if the power is being supplied to your unit. If no, wait until the power is restored. Alternately, you can call your local electrician to fix any power supply issue.

Remote control batteries are not installed correctly or dead – You can face the above-mentioned problem if the remote control batteries are dead or not properly installed. First, try these batteries with a remote of another device, like your TV. If they don’t work, you will need to replace the batteries. If the batteries work fine elsewhere, make sure they are properly installed.

A tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse – Check the circuit breaker or fuse. Flip your circuit breaker or replace the fuse to solve the issue.

The remote control is not sending the signal – Are you using the remote control from a long distance away from your unit’s control panel? If so, come closer and press the “power” button.


How to Troubleshoot the Issue of the AC Unit Running and then Shutting Down?

Generally, this problem occurs when either or both the outlets and air inlets are blocked. To resolve the issue, check the outlets and/or air inlets and remove any obstruction if present. You should also give the air filter and inlet grill a thorough cleaning.

How to Troubleshoot the Poor Cooling or Heating Issue?

If your air conditioning system is cooling or heating poorly, first try to find out the underlying issue as this problem can occur because of different reasons. What troubleshooting steps you will need to follow depends on what is causing the issue in the first place.

Inappropriate temperature setting – One of the most common causes for this issue is inappropriate temperature setting. Before you try other solutions, make sure you have selected the appropriate mode and temperature.

Blocked air filter – A blocked air filter is another fairly common reason for this issue. Cleaning the air filter is an easy and simple process and doesn’t take more than a few minutes. Before you start, however, make sure the AC is powered off. Next, remove the air filter and clean it. Once the air filter has dried reinsert it and power on the unit.

Open windows or doors – If the windows or doors within the area that is being cooled or heated are open, your AC’s performance will take a hit. Close them to improve your unit’s efficiency.

Blocked outlet or air inlet – To fix the issue, clear the obstructions and then power on your Comfort-Aire mini-split unit.

Inappropriate louver adjustment – Tweak the fan speed and check if the efficiency improves.

If you are still facing the issue, it would be best to call your local AC service center. You should also call an expert if you detect any burning smell or if the operation indicator light flashes continuously.

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