Who Makes Pioneer Mini Split Systems

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Who Makes Pioneer Mini Split Systems

The Pioneer mini split brand has been around for roughly three decades. It is known for making high-quality, energy-efficient, and durable mini-split systems. In fact, Pioneer is one of the more respected names in the ductless mini-split niche. A household name in the US and many other parts of the globe, Pioneer offers a wide range of mini-split units.

So, who makes Pioneer Mini Split? Parker Davis is the manufacturer of Pioneer mini-split systems. Specializing in HVAC equipment, they are a leading manufactures in the US. Their products can be easily found throughout the US and many other countries.

In this post, we’ll discuss in depth the main features offered by Pioneer mini-split systems, their advantages, and some of the top products offered by this brand.

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Top Features of Pioneer Mini Split

Pioneer mini split air conditioners are extremely popular among homeowners because they offer a wide range of advanced features.

  • 19 SEER – ENERGY STAR CERTIFIED — Thanks to an advanced inverter technology used in Pioneer mini splits, you can easily expect to cut down your monthly energy expenses by at least half.
  • ECO and Sleep Modes – With a Pioneer mini split, you can enjoy year-round energy savings. Along with a decent SEER rating, these systems come with ECO and Sleep modes, both of which will help not only optimize the energy usage but also keep efficiency loss to a minimum.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation – Pioneer units are designed for silent operation. As a result of which, you get to enjoy efficient climate control without any unwanted noise.
  • Permanently Washable Air Filters – You can easily remove and was the air filter anytime you want.
  • Builtin De-humidification – With a pioneer mini split installed in your home, you will no longer have to worry about humidity-related issues.

Note that these are just a few top features offered Pioneer mini splits. There’s much more on the offer.

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Energy Star Certification of Pioneer Mini Split

What does this mean?

Pioneer mini-splits boast an impressive SEER rating. Some units have a 19 SEER rating; some others have 20 SEER rating or more. In layman terms, this means that with a Pioneer mini-split, you can reduce your energy-related expenses significantly. Most experts reckon you can easily reduce your monthly energy bill by at least 50%. For this very reason, Pioneer mini-split ACs are just about perfect for those who want keep their energy costs as low as possible.

Advantages of Owning Pioneer Mini Split

Here are the main advantages of bringing a Pioneer mini split home:

  • You’ll be able to reduce your monthly energy costs by 50% or more, thanks to a high SEER rating that almost all Pioneer mini splits have.
  • Pioneer offers a wide range of mini-split units, meaning you can easily find one that is suited for your budget.
  • All Pioneer mini-split units come with a warranty
  • Pioneer mini-split units are known to be low maintenance. That means you will be spending very less on their upkeep and maintenance.
  • These air-corn units are both dependable and effective.

Why Would You Want to Buy Pioneer Mini Split System?

There are several reasons that make a Pioneer mini split a good choice. These include:


Pioneer is known for high-quality mini split units. Everything from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit and other parts are made using high-quality materials. That means when you buy a Pioneer mini split system, you can rest assured knowing that it will last for a long time. Also, Pioneer offers a 5-year warranty on all its mini split units. That should put any doubt that you may have about the build quality to rest.

Brand Reliability

Pioneer is one of the most respect brands in the mini split niche. They have been building high-quality air conditioners for many decades. Plus, all their products are backed by top-class, free tech support. Another fact worth noting is that Pioneer mini split air conditioners are packed with many advanced features, such as wireless internet remote access.

Superb Performance

Pioneer offers a wide range of mini splits. No matter your room size, you can easily find one that meets your needs. All Pioneer products provide efficient and cooling, as long as you correctly match the size of the AC with that that of the space you want to cool.

The best part is that Pioneer air-corns inbuilt with four key functions. Beside from cooling your indoor space, these units are also capable of dehumidification, heating, and ventilation.


Pioneer mini splits have filters that are both removable and washable. In other words, you can easily remove and wash them yourself. This, as you may guess, makes it super easy to maintain filters in a top-notch condition. Clean filters are extremely important for smooth performance of your air-corn and ensuring it enjoys a long life.

Lower Running Cost

Pioneer mini split units have an impressive SEER rating — 19 and upward. Therefore, running a Pioneer unit will not increase your monthly energy expenses enormously. Since these units consume far less energy than window ACs, installing a Pioneer mini split air-corn can save you a considerable sum in the long run.

5-Year Warranty

Pioneer offers a generous 5-year warranty on compressor and the parts. During this time, the company may replace the faulty parts, depending on various circumstances.

Value for Money

Pioneer mini split systems are affordably priced. They also have a decent SEER rating, high-quality materials, and a slew of advanced features, not to mention a 5-year limited warranty. All in all, with a Pioneer mini split, you get great value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pioneer Mini Split

  • Are Pioneer multi split systems covered by warranty?

Yes, they are. Pioneer offers 5 years parts and 5 years compressor warranty. Note that you may have to register your product within 90 days of making the purchase.

  • What are some of the Pioneer Ductless Mini Split AC Systems Available?

Here are some of the popular Pioneer Mini Split models:

Pioneer Diamante Series Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner

  • Diamante series offers a wide range of low-ambient wall-mounted mini splits with capacities that range from 9,000 BTU/hour to 36,000 BTU/hour for different residential applications
  • Great for Bedrooms, Additions, Living Rooms, and light commercial applications
  • Can be used for both cooling and heating
  • Complete system set including: outdoor unit, indoor unit, wireless remote controller along with a remote holder, and all installation accessories (including 16 ft. L line set)
  • Variable airflow, automatic double-directional air sweeping louvers, and several other advance energy-saving technologies helps you enjoy desired comfort levels without significantly increasing your energy costs
  • Whisper Quiet Operation to keep out unwarranted noise
  • 5 Year Warranty (Compressor and other parts)

Pioneer Air Conditioner WYS012G-19 Wall Mount Ductless Inverter+ Mini Split Heat Pump

  • Mini Split Air Conditioner with Heat Pump. Built-In Air Conditioning, Heating, Dehumidifier, and multispeed Fan motor
  • Perfect for single zone residential and light commercial applications.
  • Energy-efficient, LCD Screen Wireless Remote, and Washable air filters
  • 5 Years Warranty on Compressor and others parts
  • Complete 16’ Installation Kit with two insulated copper tubing with flare connections, drain line extension, wall sleeve liner, interconnecting signal wiring, wrapping tape, and putty
  • Whisper Quiet operation to provide desired comfort levels without unwanted noise

PIONEER WYS012AMFI22RL Mini Split Heat Pump

  • Inverter technology – Helps lower energy consumption significantly
  • 3 years warranty on compressor / 1-year warranty on parts
  • Permanent washable air filters along with several enhanced filter options
  • Wireless internet worldwide remote access allows you to remotely control your mini-split from your smartphone, using an app
  • The outdoor unit, ductless indoor unit, 16′ installation kit (two insulated copper tubing with flare connections, drain line extension, wall sleeve liner, interconnecting signal wiring, wrapping tape, and putty), and remote controller

PIONEER Air Conditioner WYS020GMHI22M2 Multi-Split Heat Pump, Dual (2 Zone)

Inverter Technology – Reduces Energy Consumption considerably and extends Heating Capacity

  • High SEER ratings (21.3~22.5) means you will be able cut down your energy bills by at least 50%
  • Wireless Internet worldwide remote access allows you to remotely control your mini split from your smartphone, using an app
  • Whisper Quiet Operation means there will be no unwanted noise
  • Includes Two (2) Installation Kits with a complete 16-Foot Line Set

How is Pioneer as a brand?

Pioneer mini-split ACs have been around 30 years and are trusted by millions of homeowners across the world. It is one of the more respected names in the mini-split niche.

How long Pioneer mini split last?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because longevity of a mini-split depends on many factors, including regular maintenance and upkeep. That said, if you take proper care of your Pioneer mini-split unit, you can safely expect it to last 10-15 years. Find out how to pick the right size mini-split here.

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