Who Makes Mirage Mini-Split systems?

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Who makes Mirage mini-split systems?

Mirage is not yet a household name in the US, but the speed at which it is becoming popular that day is likely not far. Its popularity in the US is growing by the day, thanks to its high-quality, yet affordable, mini-split units which come packed with a slew of innovative features.

So, who makes Mirage mini-split systems? Mirage mini-split systems are made by HVAC Mirage Inc. HVAC Mirage Inc is based in Mexico and that is where all its units are produced. Mirage entered the US market eight years back and has had an excellent response so far.

In this post, we will discuss the top features of Mirage mini-split systems and why it is making heads turn in the US market.

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Top Features of Mirage Mini Split

Let us look at some of the best features of Mirage mini-split systems:

  • Energy Efficient: Mirage offers users three options — Ventus, VentusX, and Multizone. While each of these series has energy-efficient models, those who want to keep their monthly electricity bill as low as possible might want to consider VentusX. This series Energy Star certified, with models going up to SEER 20. In short, using such a model can help you cut down your energy usage by up to 50% compared to non-rated multi-splits.
  • Impressive Heat Pump: All three Mirage models are mini split with heat pump, so you can use them for both cooling and heating year round. Mirage uses cutting-edge technology for its heat pumps to deliver superior performance without any spike in your monthly electricity bill. When the heat mode is turned on, the unit doesn’t deliver any cold air whatsoever. The unit has large coils which can heat up a lot of faster and the fan doesn’t blow till the set temperature is achieved.
  • Green Fin Anti-Corrosive Coating: Thanks to an anti-corrosive coating, Mirage mini splits can comfortably stand up to salty air, harsh weather, and elements. This, in turn, minimizes the chances of the mini split breaking down and increases its lifespan.
  • Ambient Cooling: Mirage mini split systems are ideal for commercial kitchens and server rooms. It keeps an indoor space cool even when it cold outside and warm inside.
  • Super-quiet Functioning: Mirage mini splits are quieter than a whisper! The indoor units run at 19 decibel, which is quieter than a whisper. In fact, Mirage units are so quiet you will not even notice them running. If you hate the idea of installing a loud blower in your house, consider Mirage mini splits.
  • Advanced Filtration: Mirage has advanced filtration in their mini splits, which is great news for allergy suffers. Its mini splits blow fresh air, free from allergens and dusts, and keep your family healthy.
  • Sleep Mode: At the touch of a button, the Mirage mini split will automatically adjust the indoor temperature while you sleep. The mini split will increase the temperature of the room in small increments so that you save electricity even while you enjoy a good night’s sleep.
  • Impressive Air Delivery Design: All Mirage models are multidimensional and include duel sweeping louvers. This means you will receive cold or hot air in every nook and corner of your room.
  • Follow Me: Mirage models come equipped with the “Follow Me” feature, which allows the indoor unit to maintain more stable temperatures.
  • Multi-zone Units: Mirage offers both single-unit and multi-unit air conditioners. Its indoor and outdoor units have single and multi-zone compatibility in all models. You can connect up to five indoor units to a single outdoor unit.
  • Wi-Fi Enabled: Mirage mini splits are Wi-Fi enabled. If you want, you can control them from anywhere through a smartphone app.
  • Warranty: All Mirage mini split systems are backed by a 2-year warranty on the compressor and a 6-year warranty on the parts. While the warranty period is shorter than what most brands offer, with a 5-year or 7-year compressor warranty being the standard practice, it is still good to know that the manufacturer offers some level of security to the buyers.

Apart from these, Mirage mini splits boast many other notable features.

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Energy Star Certification of Mirage Mini Split

What does this mean?

All Mirage mini splits are energy-efficient units. It’s Ventus X series can go up to SEER 20, which is considered a high rating by most experts. In simpler terms a SEER 20 mini split can help you reduce your energy-related expenses by up to 50% in comparison with a non-rated mini-split system.

Why Would You Want to Buy Mirage Ductless Mini Split?

Here are some compelling reasons to buy a Mirage mini split system:

Inverter Technology

Mirage mini splits offer better energy efficient than your average central heating system. To a large extent, that is due to the inverter technology it uses in each of its models. The cutting-edge inverter technology helps maintain steady temperatures and consistent and even airflow, without any sharp temperature swings. This, in turn, keeps the energy consumption low. In short, if you want to enjoy desired comfort levels without spiking up your monthly energy bill, give Mirage a try.

Cutting-edge Heat Pump

All Mirage models are mini-split heat pumps. That means you can use them both for cooling and heating. Mirage mini splits have large coils, which heat up much faster. Its heating design is suitable for year-round heating. Plus, the system is extremely efficient even in extreme cold weather.

Quiet function

Mirage mini split units are quieter than several other brands. The indoor unit is no louder than a whisper, so it is likely you won’t even notice it is running.

Suitable for light commercial applications as well

Mirage mini split systems are perfect for computer server rooms, greenhouses, and other commercial applications that require year-round cooling. Even when the outside temperature is very low and inside it is warm, the mini split will efficiently cool the indoor space.

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Green Fin Anti-corrosion Coating

Thanks to anti-corrosive coating, the condenser won’t buckle under harsh weather conditions, nor would salty air damage it.

A Slew of Advanced Features

Mirage mini-split air conditioning units come with a number of technologically-advanced features. These include:

  • Auto Defrosting: Mirage mini split systems are equipped with a defrost mode, which prevents ice buildup. An internal thermostat keeps a tab on the temperature of the outdoor coil and automatically starts the defrost cycle if it gets too gold.
  • Follow Me: With a Mirage mini split, you will never have to worry about temperature control. All its models come have the “Follow Me” feature. This feature enables the remote to act as a thermostat and relay the temperature to the indoor unit. This, in turn, helps the indoor unit receive a more accurate reading in comparison to a wall thermostat. As a result of which, the indoor unit can ensure more stable temperatures. Simply, keep the remote close to you, and the indoor unit will ensure the ambient temperature is exactly what you have set.
  • Dual sweeping louvers: Thanks to a smart air delivery system, cool or hot air will reach all the corners of your room.
  • Advanced filtration: This ensures the indoor unit always blows clean air inside your room. If you or someone in your family is prone to allergies, this feature is a must-have.
  • Auto Restart function: The Mirage mini split restarts itself automatically after a power failure.
  • 24Hour Timer: All Mirage mini splits have a 24-hour Timer, which allows you to set the number of hours you want your air conditioner to run.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mirage Mini Split

Is Mirage a reliable brand?

Mirage is a good brand and offers high-quality, energy efficient single-unit and multi-unit mini splits at reasonable prices. All its mini splits use inverter technology and come equipped with many innovative features, like the Sleep Mode, Auto Restart, Auto Defrost, and Follow Me.

Where are Mirage mini splits made?

Mirage is a Mexican brand and its units are made in Mexico. It is the number one brand in sales for inverter ductless mini splits in Mexico and is becoming popular by the day in the US.

From where you can buy Mirage mini splits?

You can buy Mirage mini split online or from one of their distributors.

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